SIB Officers

During our annual SIB Kickoff Meeting held on January 30, 2019, the following slate of officers was presented.  It was moved, seconded and approved that the slate be elected.

2019 SIB Executive Committee: Front Row: Dean Morr, Nancy Brown, Judy Morr, Dori Helms; Second/Third Row: Ed Konrad, Janis Skeffington, Joleen Ardaiolo, Jackie Brooks, Melanie Jerome, Charley Moore

To contact any officer, please send an email to: or if you are an owner you may find our personal contact information in the SIPOA owners directory.

—Past Chair – Dean Morr
—Chair – Nancy Brown
—Vice Chair – Judy Morr
—Program Chair – Doris Helms
—Membership/Treasurer –Walter Brooks
—Secretary – Melanie Jerome
Communications/Web Master – Jolene Ardaiolo / Nancy Brown
Bluebird Trails Chair – Melanie Jerome
Activities Chair – Jackie Brooks
Hospitality Chair – Janis Skeffington
Mark Andrews
Carl Helms
Ed Konrad
Charley Moore

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