SIB Officers

During our annual SIB Kickoff Meeting held on February 17, 2021, the following slate of officers was presented.  It was moved, seconded and approved the slate be elected.

—Past Chair – Judy Morr
—Chair – Joleen Ardaiolo
—Vice Chair – Melanie Jerome
—Program Chair – Ed Konrad
—Membership/Treasurer –Walter Brooks
—Secretary – Beverly Stribling
Standing Committees:
-Accessibility – Russ Preston
-Activities – Bob Mercer
-Bluebird Trails Chair – Melanie Jerome
-Communications – Nancy Brown/Beverly Stribling/Jackie Brooks
-Habitat Protection- Ed Konrad
-Hospitality – Lesley Gore
-Shorebird Steward – Bob Mercer
-Web Master – Nancy Brown
-Dean Morr

To contact any officer, please send an email to:

Top Row: Russ Preston, Nancy Brown, Judy Morr, Melanie Jerome.
Middle Row: Dean Morr, Ed Konrad, Joleen Ardaiolo, Jackie & Walter Brooks.
Bottom Row: Lesley Gore, Beverly Stribling, Bob Mercer.