SIB Executive Committee

As documented in the Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) Operational Guidelines, “the officers of SIB shall be Chair, Chair Emeritus, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall be nominated by the Executive Committee and elected by majority vote of the SIB members attending the first membership meeting each year.”

We asked our members to vote electronically in early January, 2023.

The slate of officers nominated by the Executive Committee to lead SIB in 2023 and approved by our members are:

—Past Chair – Joleen Ardaiolo
—Chair – Walter Brooks
—Vice Chair – Ed Konrad
—Membership/Treasurer –Nancy Brown
—Secretary – Jean (Nini) Wolitarsky

Standing Committees:
-Activities – Bob Mercer/Judy Morr
-Communications – Judy Morr/Gina Sanders
-Hospitality – Nancy Chomel
-Program Chair – Ed Konrad/Mary Wilde
-Shorebird Steward – Bob Mercer
-Web Master – Nancy Brown/Judy Morr

– Tim Barnard

Non SIB Executive Committee Members
– Bluebird Trails Chair – Melanie Jerome (lead)
– Communications – Jackie Brooks, Nancy Brown
– Shorebird Steward – Mark Andrews, Lesley Gore

Thank you to these and all our volunteers for the hours you spend making our organization so wonderful!!!

To contact any officer, please send an email to:

2023 SIB Executive Committee Photo 

Top Row: Walter Brooks, President; Ed Konrad, Vice President; Jean (Nini) Wolitarsky, Secretary
Middle Row: Nancy Brown, Treasurer; Mary Wilde, Programs; Bob Mercer, Activities
Bottom Row: Gina Sanders, Communications; Judy Morr, Communications; Tim Barnard, Director-at-Large
Missing from Photo: Joleen Ardaiolo, Nancy Chomel

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