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Virtual Evening Program October 21, 2020

River of Raptors – Identification & Migration of SC’s Birds of Prey

Meet the Speakers :

Jennifer McCarthey Tyrrell, Bird-Friendly Communities Coordinator

Jen is a Master Bird Bander and an expert in bird biology, with a B.S. from Coastal Carolina and a Master’s degree from the College of Charleston. Before joining Audubon, Jen worked with Wild Birds Unlimited and the Center for Birds of Prey. Today, Jen spreads the word about bird-friendly communities and the benefits of native plants, and also manages bird banding and Painted Bunting research

Emily Davis, Beidler Forest Center Manager

As an artist, data enthusiast, traveler and passionate birder, Emily brings a rich and unique perspective to her role as center manager for the Audubon Center and Sanctuary at Francis Beidler Forest. With an undergraduate degree in creative writing and fine arts from Kent State, her experiences have ranged from shadowing contemporary artists in New York City to having her own work auctioned off in support of warbler research and studies. Her background with groups such as the Avian Conservation Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, combined with her drive for continued education, will serve her well in her role with Audubon.


Previous Programs

Virtual Evening Program September 23, 2020
Birding the Lewis & Clark Trail

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Speaker Biographies

Aija and Ed Konrad have been birding at Seabrook for 12 years. Aija is the avid birdwatcher and Ed is the photographer. You have probably seen them at North Beach or around Palmetto Lake, the tall blonde with binoculars and the guy with the big lens camera. They’ve been SIB members for 5 years and Ed serves on the board.

Aija and Ed have been advocates for many years on protecting Seabrook’s shorebirds, with a focus on our endangered and threatened species. They’ve built strong partnerships with our SC DNR, USFWL, and SC Audubon biologists, as well as researchers in the Piping Plover breeding regions. You read their many birding articles and view Ed’s photos on the SIB website and the Seabrooker. In the last decade they’ve traveled extensively to bird and shoot photos in 49 US states and Canada, Central America, Europe, and the Far East.In 2018, Aija did a US Big Year, and they crisscrossed the country to see how many bird species they could identify in a calendar year. They wound up with a whopping 577 species, and Aija placed #15 on EBird’s Lower 48 states!

When 2019 rolled around it was quite a letdown after the Big Year, so they had to think of another goal. Ed, who is a history buff, had an idea on his bucket list for years…driving cross country and tracing the Lewis and Clark trail…with lots of birdwatching and photography. So, they set out on their 28-day journey of birds and history.

Aija and Ed are Penn State graduates. They live in Atlanta full time and Seabrook Island about 10 days a month. They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Travel has become all about birds…if we could only do that again!

You can view Ed’s bird photos and their many travel adventures on Ed’s Flickr site. Just click or cut and paste this URL:

Virtual Evening Program August 19, 2020
Seabrook Island Shorebirds

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SIB’s first Virtual Evening Program June 6, 2020

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SIB 2020 Evening Programs to be Announced Soon !

  • Wednesday January 22 – Center for Birds of Prey
  • CANCELLED: Wednesday March 25 – Benjamin Clock – Beautiful Imagery 
  • Wednesday June 3 – Nesting Birds of Seabrook Island – VIRTUAL EVENT
  • Wednesday August 19 – Seabrook Island Shorebirds – VIRTUAL EVENT
  • Wednesday September 23 – Birding the Lewis & Clark Trail – Virtual Event
  • October – TBA
  • November – TBA
  • December – TBA

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