SI Bluebird Society – 2015 Summary

Thanks to all who participated in the 2015 monitoring of the bluebird trails on both of the golf courses and the Lake House.
This year we monitored 75 boxes vs. 67 last year.
We had 76 bluebird nest attempts and 39 chickadee nest attempts this year vs. 63 bluebird and 28 chickadee attempts last year.
There were 318 bluebird eggs with 259 fledglings and 136 chickadee eggs with 102 fledglings in 2015. Last year’s numbers were 252 bluebird eggs with 203 fledglings and 113 chickadee eggs with 83 hatchlings.
We had 7 boxes with no activity in 2015 vs. 10 boxes with no activity in 2014. Surprisingly only 2 boxes overlapped the “no activity” category both years.
Over the Fall/Winter, I will be inventorying and maintaining the existing boxes and relocating several boxes that have shown disappointing results during the past 2 years.
We will hold the 2016 Bluebird Monitoring Kick-off meeting sometime mid-February 2016, I will let your know the date by subsequent email closer to the date.
Hope you will join us again in 2016!
Dean Morr
Seabrook Island Bluebird Society

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