Seabrook Island Bluebird Society (SIBS)

Bluebird On A StumpDid you know Seabrook Island has a group called the Seabrook Island Bluebird Society?  This group was reactivated in 2014 and continued in 2015 and 2016 with the monitoring of 4 “trails”.  The 2017 kick-off meeting will be held in late February.  Come join our group.  If you are interested please let Dean Morr know at

Monitoring increases the chances of success for bluebirds using the box. When good records are kept, it is also valuable for determining population trends. Monitoring boxes will alert you to problems birds may be having with predators and competitors.  Seabrook Island’s bluebird trails provide an opportunity to observe nature at its best.  It is exciting for all ages–young to old–to observe the development of the birds from eggs to the time when they leave the nest.

There are approximately 74 boxes and are divided into 4 “trails”.
·         Front nine of Crooked Oaks
·         Back nine of Crooked Oaks
·         Front nine of Ocean Winds (there are currently no boxes on the back nine)
·         Lake House

A team will be assigned to each of the trails to monitor for a 2 month period.  The monitoring occurs weekly at a time convenient for the team and the golf course.  The course even provides carts to use in the process.  Logs track status of nests being built, eggs, hatchlings and then the absence of hatchlings, meaning they have fledged.   Once the hatchlings have fledged, the old nest is removed so a new nest can be built.

The monitoring starts in the cool days of March.  The early occupants of some boxes are chickadees.  This is a common occurrence in bluebird boxes as both species like hollow spaces to build their nests.  Once that first group fledges, the next nests are usually all bluebirds.   The last bluebirds fledge by late August.

Another season means more team members are going to be needed to enjoy this interaction with nature.  All supplies are provided and the team determines the best time for their weekly visit.  That means no need to monitor in the rain, dark of night or early morning light.

If you are interested in participating this year, please watch for the meeting notice or contact Dean Morr at

Submitted by Dean Morr