Getting Ready to Take Flight

The Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) Organizational Committee has made considerable progress during the past two months, including the following:

*The group’s official name will be the ” Seabrook Island Birders (SIB).

*Membership will be available to all Seabrook Island property owners and their renters.

*The purpose of SIB is to provide Seabrook Island residents, renters, and guests, who have a passion for, and interest in learning more about, birds the opportunity to do so through educational lectures, birding trips, and by sharing information about the incredible variety of birds that inhabit Seabrook Island throughout the year.

*Dues will be $10.00 annually – collected at time of membership and each January thereafter.

* The officers (Chairman, Membership/Treasurer, Communications Coordinator, Activities  Coordinator, Program Coordinator and etc.) and other committee members will  meet monthly.

*Seabrook Island Bluebird Society (SIBS) programs, such as the Bluebird Trails, will be an important and integral component of SIB.

*SIB will have four meetings for all members annually beginning in January 2016.   These meetings will include a guest speaker and information concerning  Island birds and up-coming birding activities. Meetings will be open to all interested individuals, approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hour in length and preceded by  a 15 minute social.

*A SIB website (, a Gmail account (calendar and bulletin board), a Facebook account, and a blog site for SIB have been developed and will be available to  all members.



January 20th, 2016

Lake House – Live Oak Room


Attracting Birds To Your Yard And Feeders

Speaker: Christine Fifer – Wild Birds Unlimited – St Andrews Shopping Center.

A Tour Of Our New SIB Web site, Gmail account, Facebook account, and Blog.

Speaker: Nancy Brown and Flo Foley

There will be a membership sign-up, a raffle, free birdseed samples and a chance to learn about the advantages of being a SIB member.

You don’t need to be an accomplished birder; simply loving to see birds at your backyard feeder is enough.

Please join us for a fun evening of learning about our feathered friends and about Seabrook Island’s new birders group –  SIB.


Charles J. Moore
3326 Wildcat Point
Seabrook Island, SC 29455
Home (843) 768-0003 Cell (843) 708-7800

Web Site:

11/9/15: Seabrook Island Birding Group

Greetings Seabrook Island Birders

Just a note to let you know that a Seabrook Island Birding Group is becoming a reality.

Sixty-two individuals have expressed an interest in forming a group to learn more about birds, go  bird watching and/or promote and protect the natural habitat for birds here on Seabrook Island.

We have formed an Organizational Committee, had our first meeting on November 3rd and will be meeting again on December 1st.

If you have ideas or input as to what you would like this new bird group to do (programs, outings, etc), please contact one of the following and let them know.

Organizational Committee Members:

Nancy Brown, Flo Foley, George Haskins, Marcia Hider, Donna Lawrence, Jim Lawrence, Charley Moore, Dean Morr, Judy Morr, Bill Smith, Marian Chamberlain, Lyn Magee, and Joe Penny.

We will be providing additional updates and hopefully some dates to put on your 2016 calendar for some interesting programs and activities concerning Seabrook Island’s incredibly rich bird life.


Charles J. Moore
3326 Wildcat Point
Seabrook Island, SC 29455

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