Great Horned Owl Rescue

On September 21st, Brent Guyton found a Great Horned Owl under the deck of his home on  Seabrook Island Road. The owl was awake and aware of Brent’s presence, but was not moving. Brent’s wife, Cindy, called SI Security and they advised her to call The Center for Birds of Prey which has an avian medical clinic. She called right away and was told that someone was already in route to pick up another injured owl in North Charleston and would be at their home soon. 

Great Horned Owl found by the Guytons

Cindy kept a worried watch over the owl without getting too close until a young man arrived to pick up their injured guest. Wearing heavy gloves, the man placed a thick blanket over the owl in order to pick him up. As he was carrying the owl to his car the Guytons asked if he thought the owl would be alright. He answered that the tight grip that the owl had on his arm was a very good omen. The other patient he was transporting was an owl that had been hit by a car and had an eye injury. 

Early this spring Seabrook Island Birders posted a story about Great Horned Owls nesting in a Pine tree on Crooked Oaks golf course. SIB posted pictures of the nestling and the parent owl nearby. This nest was located just behind the Guyton’s home so it seems quite probable that this owl might be one of that family returning to the nest.

When the injured owl was examined, they found some internal injuries probably due to an impact. He responded quickly to medication and was well healed in a little over two weeks.

On October 9th, The Center for Birds of Prey contacted the Guytons and asked if they could release the recovered Great Horned Owl to his home from their backyard. 

Luckily, the Guytons grandchildren were visiting and were able to see the rehabilitated Great Horned Owl released back to his home. The photo is the owl when they found him under the deck and the videos show his happy release. 

Release of the rehabilitated Great Horned Owl at the Guyton’s home on Seabrook Island.

If you are anywhere near Cattail Pond Road in the evening or early morning, you will probably hear the Great Horned Owl and its mate calling to each other. This is thanks to the quick and compassionate action of the Guyton’s and the expertise and care from the staff at the Avian Medical Clinic and The Center for Birds of Prey

Should you find a sick or injured bird, call The Center for Birds of Prey at 843-971-7474. They are available every day of the week. Unless you have been instructed otherwise, do not handle the bird nor offer it food or water. Injured raptors require specialized treatment from a Federally-licensed, experienced practitioner. 

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