Talkin’ Birds

Although I love technology, I only recently discovered podcasts. I had always thought of myself as a visual learner and I’ve was never been much of a “book” reader. But during the pandemic, Flo finally convinced me to try listening to books. Then I started “reading” (listening) to books with our two younger nephews during their summer vacation. That led to me listening to books, which finally led to me listening to podcasts.

As Joleen Ardaiolo reported in her Seabrook Island Birder blog three years ago, “Talkin’ Birds, featuring Ray Brown, is actually an interactive weekly radio show that started broadcasting from WATD, a local radio station in Massachusetts 716 episodes ago and is now carried by many other stations. The radio broadcast is later offered as a podcast. This folksy show has features like “Birds in the News”, “Bird Word of the Week” or, my personal favorite, the “Mystery Bird Contest.” Segments are separated by quirky short musical interludes that add to the fun. The show also spotlights the “Conservation Salute of the Week” and is often promoting environmental protection initiatives.”

Talkin’ Birds has become one of my “don’t miss” weekly podcasts! I was excited to learn I could become one of their Ambassadors, a person who shares the word about this program! What better way to share information about this fabulous bird related radio show / podcast than our SIB blog and website! Yesterday, episode #877 aired and Ray even gave us a “shout-out,” mentioning our migrating Red Knots and visiting Whimbrels! The show featured the Saltmarsh Sparrow, the Brant and shared information about using bird nest boxes. You will have to listen to it yourself to know the answer to this week’s mystery bird contest!

There are many ways you can listen to Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds:

  • Live online every Sunday at 9:30 am eastern via livestream
  • Find a radio station for delayed broadcast (mostly New England states)
  • Find the latest or archived shows.
  • And learn how to listen as a podcast.

So take a listen and I hope to hear many of you on-air as you take a guess on a future “Mystery Bird Contest.”

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