Ask SIB – When should I clean out my Bluebird nest box?

Question: Our Bluebirds just left the nest yesterday, should we clean out the box?

Answer: Eastern Bluebirds in the Carolinas can have up to three nesting cycles per season. If possible, it’s a good idea to clean out the nest after each brood fledges, and definitely at the end of breeding season.

To learn more about when and how to clean out your Bluebird nest boxes, check out this excellent article from Birds and Blooms.

One thought on “Ask SIB – When should I clean out my Bluebird nest box?”

  1. After I installed my nest box many years ago, I waited until the end of breeding season to clean out the box. That’s when I found two nests built on top of the original nest. Since then, I’ve cleaned out my box after each brood has fledged and at the end of the season.


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