Happy Mother’s Day from SIB!

Great Egret with Chicks. Photo by Dean Morr.

Being a mother is hard work. It comes with a unique set of challenges, but it also comes with great reward. Mother’s Day is a time to honor all mothers and recognize the love, care, and work they put into raising their children.

Being a bird mom also has its challenges. They too put in a lot of effort to raise, feed, and teach their offspring how to survive out in the world.

Keeping chicks safe and warm (or cool), making sure everyone has plenty to eat, and keeping a tidy home are just a few of the things we have in common with bird moms. But many of them take it a step further. They design and build the nest, teach their young to fly, then often start all over again with a second brood. In the same year!

Hummingbirds come to mind as one of the best bird moms, and they probably should. Did you know the male hummingbird takes no part in raising the young? That task is completely handled by mom.

So which birds win mom of the year? And which birds take a more casual approach to motherhood? Here are the Audubon bird mom awards for birds who each use a different strategy to raise their young.

Bird Mom Awards: The good, the bad, and the just plain weird

And to find out why Hummingbirds are the ultimate Supermoms, click here

Happy Mother’s Day!

Submitted by Gina Sanders

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