Join SIB: Birding Beyond Our Backyard: Edisto Nature Trail

Tuesday, April 25, 2023  7:00 am – 12:00 pm (Walk starts at Edisto Nature Trail at 8:00a)

 An optional (weather permitting) drive down Hyde Park Road is planned for the return drive

Location:  Meet at SI Real Estate Office to Car Pool to Edisto Nature Trail
  (Google maps says 50 minute drive)
            Edisto Nature Trail:  17038 Ace Basin Pkwy Jacksonboro, South Carolina
Max: 15 
Cost:   Free to members, $10.00 for guests 


Come join us for spring migration, Beyond Our Backyard, at the Edisto Nature Trail.   This park, within the ACE Basin on Highway 17, is both a migrant hot spot and a known nesting area for a number of sought after bird species.  The park, adjacent to the Edisto River, has a variety of habitats along its one point five (1.5) mile looped trail.

Some of the bird species we hope to see, and have encountered in prior years, includes such Warbler Species as Prothonotary, Worm-Eating, Black and White, Swainson’s, Kentucky, and Hooded.  Other possible bird species include Veery, Scarlet Tanager, Blackburnian Warbler, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Blackpoll Warbler, Prairie Warbler, Blue-Winged Warbler, Warbling Vireos, and a variety of raptors.  

This nature trail has a number of board walk cross overs to assist in traversing potentially wet areas.  Appropriate foot ware is recommended, even during dry spells. Participants should also consider these other items to maximize their comfort and enjoyment: binoculars, bug spray, sunscreen, hats, layered clothing to adjust to the mornings weather, field guides if print is your preference, eyeglass – lens cleaner, water, snacks, camera, and a pack or shoulder bag for your needs.    

Weather permitting, for those looking to extend their day, we will drive Hyde Park Rd on our return home.  Hyde is a productive corridor for spring migrants that parallels Savannah Highway.  

If you are not yet a 2023 SIB member, you must first become a member by following the instructions on our website: You may bring the form and your dues to the event. Or you may pay the Guest Fee of $10.

Once you are a member, please register no later than Sunday, April 23, 2023. All registrants will receive a confirmation letter the day prior to the event.

Author: sibirders

SEABROOK ISLAND BIRDERS / “watching, learning, protecting” Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) are residents, renters and guests of Seabrook Island, SC who have an interest in learning, protecting and providing for the well-being of the incredible variety of birds that inhabit Seabrook Island throughout the year.

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