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We are thrilled that so many people are excited about our nesting pair of Bald Eagles and their two young, but we must remind you that the nest is on private property. Safely walking along the street is fine, but DO NOT TRESPASS on private property including the empty lot and all property in the area.

Every day, throughout the day, numerous people are walking into the yards of our neighbors and into the woods to the bird’s nest tree. This is trespassing!  It has also been reported that this activity is stressing the birds, the last thing any of us want to happen. Please read the blog we published two weeks ago about “Ethical Birding” to remind yourself of the proper etiquette while birding and photographing wildlife.

Thank you for respecting the property of our neighbors and your safety!

What kind of Hawk is that?

You spot a hawk, but you’re not sure what kind of hawk you’re seeing. Is it a Cooper’s? A Sharp-shinned? Red-shouldered or Red-tailed?

Hawks – Birds and Bloom

If you’re out birding and listing your sightings in eBird then you definitely want to know exactly what you’re looking at, in order to correctly report your sighting. Need some help to polish your hawk identification skills?

Here’s a great article from Birds & Blooms magazine with 5 tips to help you identify hawks accurately.

Do you have photos of hawks you’d like to share with Seabrook Island Birders? Send your photos to us and we’ll share them on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Email your pics to

Happy Birding!

Article Submitted by: Gina Sanders

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