Bird feeder set-up ideas

The marsh is a very dynamic environment.  Its beauty is ever changing with the tide and the season, and it’s home to many species of birds and other wildlife.  It’s also Mark & Valerie Doane’s backyard and Valerie has created quite the paradise for the local birds.  

Valerie Doane with one of her feeder systems. Photo by Gina Sanders.

She started providing feeders back in 2016 and has put together a great system.  Perched on the rail of their second floor deck Valerie has strategically mounted a customizable pole system from Wild Birds Unlimited.  It allows for multiple arms and various mounting options giving her the flexibility to provide various types and styles of feeders.

She also uses a no-mess blend of food, making clean-up underneath the feeders much easier.  She has one bluebird feeder, one cylinder peanut feeder, one large cylinder feeder filled with the no-mess blend, one large dish feeder filled with safflower and another large dish feeder filled with sunflower chips.  She also has a hummingbird feeder which she keeps up year round.  She completes the setup with a shallow bird bath on the deck so a clean water source is always available to the birds as well.  

And what about the squirrels?  They have no chance of robbing her feeders – her deck is 21′ off the ground and has no steps leading up to it, so the squirrels are out of luck!  It’s a private oasis just for the birds.

The beautiful birds and the simple joy of observing nature provides much entertainment, photo opportunities, and a peaceful, relaxing environment. What more could you ask for!

For more information about the feeder system pictured:

Submitted by Gina Sanders

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