Backyard Bird Book …

In December 2019, Joleen Ardiaolo wrote Bird and Birding Books for Children to help those looking for ideas for gifts for younger birders (fledglings?). SIB member Bette Popillo has since shared this update….

Greetings once again, fellow shorebird lovers!
As I have said before, anyone who loves shorebirds also loves all birds. And often this love for birds is shared with one’s family and friends.  For instance, all of my grandchildren well know that Nonnie loves birds and when they are at my house they regularly watch my birdfeeders and learn from me the names of the birds that arrive there.

So for this reason, I just had to share with you this wonderful book. I was immediately delighted and impressed at my first reading of it. 23 birds are included in playful rhyming verse.  It is a quality book in every way! Delightful, whimsical, colorful, and fun!  The illustrations are beautiful collage art which is even explained in the back of the book.  

It would definitely be an excellent gift for grandchildren! Check out her webpage at, and maybe consider purchasing a book there for any loved child in your life!

The author has a home on Kiawah and she and this same illustrator are currently working on a second book about shorebirds! Yay!!!👏👏👏 Of course, I will keep you posted about that!

The free bird checklist and coloring pages on the website are great to print for the little ones in your life too!

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