Did you Know: How Birds Deal with Summer Heat

As we all escape to our air conditioning to avoid the South Carolina heat in summer, what do birds do to deal?  David Sibley wrote a brief article on this that states:

The activity patterns birds employ to survive the heat are generally what we would call “common sense,” and your strategies for finding birds in hot weather are straightforward. Birds are most active in the cooler temperatures of very early morning, so the earlier you can start birding, the better. As the day warms up, birds slow down and seek shade — especially shade with water. A small pond or stream (or a bird bath) shaded by trees and shrubs will attract birds throughout the day, and if you can find a shady place to sit where you can see the birds without disturbing them, you’ll have a really pleasant time.

Read the entire article in the January 7, 2019 issue of BirdWatching.

SIB will be introducing a new activity Sit, Sip and See (aka Butt Birding).  On July 14, our first Sit, Sip and See at Hurd’s Garden will be at 7pm.  On August 11, we will meet at Palmetto Lake.  Register for these events using the links above and enjoy the relaxing fun.  .

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