Eagle Eyes

Bald Eagle Eyes – Jackie Brooks

After SIB’s recent visit to Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area, Jackie Brooks did some Google searches and then posted on Facebook. Here is her post with pictures and research about Bald Eagles.

Eagle eyeballs are the same size as human eyeball.., but their eyeballs are fixed in place so the eyeball does not move in the socket. However, eagles can use their eyes independently or together. They also have two focal points. One looks straight ahead, while the other looks at a 45 degree angle. Thus, an eagle can see something as small as a rabbit 3 miles away.

Eagle eyes also see more colors than humans. Seeing colors in the UV range allows them to see their prey’s urine trail.

Disclaimer: I have no idea that these are the same eagles, but it makes a good photo essay. They were both seen on the same day in same area, along with a couple more eagles. Lunch is a duck.

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