Did you know: What is a murmuration?

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Red Knot murmuration – Bob Mercer

Until recently, I never heard of a murmuration. According to Webster Dictionary, a murmuration is a flock of Starlings. The article that first brought the term to my attention was this Yahoo article: Why do Birds Swoop and Swirl Together in the Sky.

After reading that article, my thought was the movement is similar to what I’ve seen in Red Knots near our beach. I especially liked this one of many that were a result of a Google search of Red Knot murmuration.

Another interesting video is The Math and Mystery of Murmurations. Finally, there is Why do Starlings Flock in Murmurations? I’m sure more searches would find more on the topic but these gave me an appreciation of the grace and science of this phenomena.

Author: sibirders

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