February is National Bird-feeding Month

Carolina Chickadee in Tray Feeder with Safflower – D. Morr

I don’t normally get too excited about national this month or that, but I’ll celebrate anything that gives me an excuse to do more birdwatching. February is National Bird-feeding Month, and this year’s theme is “Winter Comforts — Feed the Birds and Keep Them Happy and Healthy.” How and when did this designation begin? Turns out it all started in February of 1994 when John Porter, a Republican representative from Illinois, proposed it in the United States House of Representatives.

Spread your giving wings this February and take part in National Bird Feeding Month. The birds have it tough in winter. They have families to feed and the natural resources to do so aren’t as plentiful as at other times of the year. That’s where we can all chip in and help. National Bird Feeding Month is a chance for bird feeders, watchers, and anyone else who is feeling in the spirit to extend a hand out to our flying friends. The month was created to educate the public on the seasonal journeys of birds, and for us to provide some aid at the height of winter when it is needed most. So, if you enjoy the beautiful sounds of the birds singing, it’s time to show your appreciation and put some food on their proverbial plates.

Learning Together-North Beach

Learning Together at North BeachSunday, February 13, 2022 3:00pm-5:00pm
Birding at North Beach
Location: Meet at Boardwalk # 1 Parking lot
Max: none
Cost: Free for members; $5 donation for guests

Join SIB to bird at Seabrook Island’s North Beach. This three mile round trip walk travels from Board Walk #1 to the tip of North Beach along Captain Sams Inlet as high tide approaches. Birders from beginners to advanced birders will enjoy the variety of birds found on North Beach. At this time, many different species of shorebirds rest and feed near the point or along the beach ridge near the beach’s pond. Along the way, we will explore the many different species that can be found in this unique area.

As always, be sure to bring your binoculars/cameras, hats and sunscreen. Bring a spotting scope if you have one. There should be spotting scopes available for viewing. Bring plenty to drink and a snack if desired. There are no facilities. We ask that all participants wear a mask when unable to social distance if they are not vaccinated.

If you are not yet a 2022 SIB member, you must first become a member for only $10 by following the instructions on our website: https://seabrookislandbirders.org/contact/join-sib/. You may bring the form and your dues to the event. Or you may pay the Guest Fee of $5.

Please REGISTER no later than February 11th. All registrants will receive a confirmation letter on the day prior to the trip. If you need to cancel, please let us know so we can invite people on the waitlist to attend.

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