Watch: Wintering Shorebirds of SC

A wonderful program was recently presented by Melissa Chaplin, US Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species Biologist, entitled “Wintering Shorebirds of South Carolina.” The talk is filled with fascinating information and details about many of the shorebird species seen on North Beach at this time of year. For a limited time only, Seabrook Island Birder (SIB) members are invited to watch.

We want to thank Bette Popillo of the Kiawah Island Shorebird Stewards for hosting this talk and  making it available to SIB members and our Shorebird Stewards.  As Bette likes to say, “After all, we share the same birds.”

Click the link below to view this recording:

Passcode: Qb.%2hTb

This presentation will be accessible only until December 28, 2021. If you have questions or are interested to learn more about the SIB Shorebird Steward team, please send and email to:

Submitted by: SIB Shorebird Steward Program Core Team

  • Mark Andrews
  • Lesley Gore
  • Bob Mercer
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