Watch: To the Ends of the Earth: Birds of East Africa

Do you love birds and nature? Are you interested to learn more about the birds of Africa? Recently, the Seabrook Island Birders offered a movie matinee found on PBS called, “To the Ends of the Earth: Birds of East Africa. All of the participants watching this one-hour documentary agreed it was spectacular!

Read the description and take time to stream this program!

Introduced by esteemed conservationist Jane Goodall and narrated by National Geographic’s Bill Jones, this documentary focuses on what humanity has in common with other species. Wildlife photographer Todd Gustafson captures stories of competition, courtship, family, hunting and flight to illustrate the hidden life of East African birds.

To the Ends of the Earth: Birds of East Africa is a local public television program presented by CPTV and distributed nationally by American Public Television.
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