Watch Recorded Program “All About Vultures”

Vultures have often been feared and reviled since they are in the business of death. But these intelligent and surprisingly clean birds have a crucial role to play in human health and cultural history around the world. Learn about their significance in history, culture, and ecology with Jen Tyrell, Bird-Friendly Communities Coordinator, Audubon South Carolina! 

If you missed the live presentation of this program on September 15, 2021, you can now view the recorded event! As always, Jen educated our members in a fun and interesting way, sharing her knowledge about “Vulture Culture,” differences between the New World vs Old World vultures, their adaptations, misconceptions and reality, the ecology of vultures and which vultures are in peril and why.

Don’t miss out on watching this hour long program! You will truly have a new respect for these fascinating birds!!!

Meet the Speaker:

Jennifer McCarthey Tyrrell, Bird-Friendly Communities Coordinator

Jen is a Master Bird Bander and an expert in bird biology, with a B.S. from Coastal Carolina and a Masterโ€™s degree from the College of Charleston. Before joining Audubon, Jen worked with Wild Birds Unlimited and the Center for Birds of Prey. Today, Jen spreads the word about bird-friendly communities and the benefits of native plants, and also manages bird banding and Painted Bunting research. 

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