Watch CBS Sunday Morning!

You may remember the story of the amazing discovery of 20,000 migratory Whimbrel that roost on Deveaux Bank in the spring. Andy Johnson, a Cornell ornithologist and film maker, sent word this afternoon that CBS Sunday Morning will air a segment about Whimbrel on Deveaux this Sunday, September 12 at 9 am. In case you haven’t seen Andy’s film about Deveaux and even if you already have, it’s well worth the time to watch:

The CBS segment to be aired this Sunday was produced the spring of 2021 while Maina Handmaker, grad student from USC, and Felicia Sanders, coastal biologist for SCDNR, were trying to capture Whimbrel to tag to study their movements into the marshes to feed. Because of our proximity to Deveaux, Seabrook Island is a big part of the story. Deveaux has always been known to be an important nesting location for seabirds and stop over for migrating shorebirds, but Felicia’s discovery that half of the remaining Atlantic Whimbrel population roost there was a wonderful surprise. Deveaux needs our support for its protection.

Submitted by Mark Andrews, Seabrook Island Shorebird Steward Co-Chair

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