John’s Island Hawk Wars

Red-Shouldered Hawk – Jennifer Jerome

When you are doing a mundane task, like refilling a birdbath, you donโ€™t expect to witness a hawk brawl in your backyard. And yet, as I rounded the corner of my house on Johns Island there were two beautiful Red-shouldered Hawks rolling around on the ground in what, I can only assume, was a territorial fight! Ignoring my presence, they gripped each other tightly and they continued their fight for at least an hour. Finally, I decided to let out my Aussie, Bindi, and despite her disinterest in the dueling raptors, they released each other and flew off in opposite directions. There was no evidence of lost feathers or blood so, hopefully, no one was injured.

Watching them as they stopped, looked around, and gave out those wonderful calls was quite delightful! Not something one sees every day!

Submitted by Jennifer Jerome

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