“Welcome American Oystercatcher Chicks DY & DZ” – SIB’s August Article in The Seabrooker

In case you don’t receive it, or haven’t had a chance to read it yet, we hope you will enjoy Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) contribution to The Seabrooker’s August 2021 edition. The full-page story this month:

  • Resident American Oystercatchers Raise a FamilyLearn about U5 and his mate and how they successfully hatched and raised two young this summer on Seabrook Island! We hope chicks DY and DZ will return to our beaches for many summers to come!

Thanks to Mark Andrews for all his time spent stewarding on our beaches and for sharing this story. Thanks to the many photographers who have taken pictures of U5 and his mate over the years and for the photos from this summer, including: Mark Andrews, Glen Cox, Melanie Jerome, Ed Konrad, Patricia Schaefer and Janet Thibault. Lastly, thanks to Ed Konrad who serves as our graphic designer of the contributions to The Seabrooker.

And don’t forget, to learn more about SIB’s Shorebird Steward Program, open up this QR code (this Quick Response code is a bar code which will open a webpage when a phone camera is focused on it.)

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