Loons of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Common Loon and chick, taken by Nancy Brown, Maine, summer of 2014

For me, summer normally means traveling to Maine to see family, friends and nature! Growing up, one of my most favorite birds to hear and see was the Common Loon. The sound of a Common Loon can instantly transport me to a lake in Maine. Although I won’t be visiting Maine this summer, I surely enjoyed this video, created by the Laman Family during the pandemic summer of 2020 and published by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, about Common Loon families of Mount Desert Island, Maine.

Experience a loon hatchling take to the water for the first time (@1:55), an adult male yodel (@2:35) and loon parents feeding their young (@5:23). While I won’t see the Common Loon this summer, I look forward to our winter here on Seabrook Island, SC, where I can often see them in the ocean just off the shore of our beach.

Learn more about the Common Loon here: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Common_Loon/overview

Submitted by: Nancy Brown

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