Eastern Bluebird Cam Video

The video below has been making the rounds since Terri Hatley Stovall posted it on her Facebook page on May 20, 2021. She wrote:

“I had previously posted a video of our first 2021 brood of 5 bluebirds up through 10 days old. All 5 successfully fledged and we now have a second brood of 5! Sharing some cute footage from yesterday’s hatching. No captions this time, but check out the little helmet-heads and the gentle co-parenting (6 1/2 minute video).”

Since we don’t have any bird-cams in our Seabrook Island Bluebird Boxes, we thought you might enjoy this one. Even if you do not use Facebook you should be able to view the video. Just click on the link and then hit the “play” button. Enjoy!

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