Support the Avian Conservation Center

The Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) encourages our members and friends to support the Avian Conservation Center, located in Awendaw, SC.

The Avian Conservation Center is asking for your support at this most critical time.
We are coming to you now to ask that you please help us fund the $55,000 in the direct medical and husbandry expenses that we will incur in this second quarter now upon us. As we work to recover from the severe financial impacts of the past several months, we cannot fail to meet the current demands of the birds in critical need of care.

We have raised over $16,130 of our $55,000
Avian Medical Clinic Fundraising goal

THANK YOU to those of you who have already donated!

Your donation today can support avian patients like the Bald Eagle featured in this beautiful release video. He was recently released after 66 days of care in our Avian Medical Clinic. His treatments included; food, medication, blood work and radiographs all totaling $1,690 for his entire stay in our clinic. You can learn more about his specific case by following the link to the release video and reading the description.

Support the work of our Avian Medical Clinic By:

1) Donating directly to the Medical Clinic
Donate to Support Our Medical Clinic

2) Visiting our Amazon Wish list to purchase much needed supplies
Visit Amazon Wish list

You can continue to monitor the progress of our Virtual Avian Medical Clinic Fundraiser by visiting our website:
Visit our Website

To read about some of our Avian Medical Clinic’s successes this year and view some patient release videos, visit our social media pages:


The Avian Conservation Center Staff

Avian Conservation Center
Center for Birds of Prey
PO Box 1247
Charleston, SC 29402

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