Ask SIB: What Species are “Henry & Henrietta?”

Lake House resident Red-shouldered Hawks, Henry & Henrietta

Question: Does anyone know definitively what type of hawks are pretty much living behind the Lake House? I’m thinking red shouldered, since tail has black and white bands when flying. I call them Henry and Henrietta.

They can often be seen sitting on the bird house next to the lake, or on the roof, or the slats outside the exercise room. Today one of them perched there and then bent down and peeked inside at Melissa teaching.

Diane Allen, SIB member

The answer is a Red-Shouldered Hawk. You can learn more about this beautiful bird of prey by visiting the Cornell Lab of Ornithology “All About Birds” website. On Seabrook Island, they are often seen year-round near the Lake House, at the Equestrian Center and near the Recycling and Garden area.

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