Replay Available for “River of Rapters”

More than sixty people joined Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) on October 21, 2020, for our evening Zoom program “River of Raptors.” The team from Audubon South Carolina did a fabulous job in helping us learn the difference between a Red-tailed Hawk vs a Red-shouldered Hawk, a Turkey Vulture vs a Black Vulture, and the Cooper’s Hawk vs a Sharped-shinned Hawk.

If you missed the event, or want a refresher, you can watch it now!

About the Program: Many species of raptors make their home in South Carolina for at least part of the year, and even more pass through during their perilous diurnal seasonal migration. Join Audubon South Carolina’s Emily Davis and Jen Tyrrell to learn how to identify South Carolina raptor species as well as explore their migration habits, behavior, and conservation issues they face.

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