SIB supports current Beach Rules for Pets

In October 2019, the Town of Seabrook Island enacted revised Beach Rules for Pets which in part, moved the “Pets of Leash” area. Town Council is scheduled to conduct a one-year review of Ordinance 2019-09 during its Ways and Means Committee meeting on Tues. September 8, 2020, at 1:00 pm. Please submit your comments prior to noon of that date at this Public Comment Portal

The SIB Executive Committee (SIB-EC) has submitted the following public comment:

Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) commends the Town of Seabrook Island on their 2019 ordinance revising the beach rules for pets.  Members of our group participated in the public hearings involved prior to the ordinance‚Äôs adoption and understand the various interests that were considered prior to adoption.  As the Town Council conducts their one-year review of the ordinance, SIB recommends the ordinance remain in effect as is.  This ordinance helps protect the various shorebirds that feed, roost and even nest on North Beach while allowing pet owners to exercise their pets on the beach.  Although the pandemic has reduced the number of children at Camp St. Christopher, the ordinance also provides for increased safety for any children visiting the Camp.

Various SIB-EC members will submit additional more detail personal comments.

Please take a few minutes to express your opinions to Town Council