Fall Warbler Sightings

Ed and I have had a fine week of fall warblers at Palmetto Lake. We have had Yellow, American Redstart, Prairie, Yellow-throated, Back-and-White and Northern Parula! Most have been found in the trees and hedge by the soccer goal. The Yellow has been particularly regular here, from the soccer goal to the Lake House side entrance by the handrail. The warblers have also been active in several trees with berries on the far end of the lake with the “pump.” There is a palm tree that hangs over the path…follow it to its top and look in the trees with the small berries! And listen for “chips,” no one is singing in the fall. Good luck! Also over 500 birds have been roosting at Palmetto Lake in the evening…Great and Snowy Egrets, Tricolored, Green and Little Blue Herons, and lots of White Ibis, along with a few Anhingas. It’s quite a sight to see!

Article submitted by Aija Konrad, Photos by Ed Konrad

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