Update: Chuck-will’s-Widow with her Babies!

Earlier this month, we shared a story and photos about a nesting Chuck-will’s-widow on Seabrook Island. The great news is, she has hatched two babies!

I spent 15 minutes photographing and I swear both chicks and mama did not move an inch. No wait, not even an 1/8 of an inch!  If I hadn’t gotten the preview from your (the McCullochs) bathroom window, I would have missed entirely.  Honestly they look like a tree stump or some bizzaro type of reptile.

The chick on the mama’s left (our right) has the right side of its little bitty head buried under the mama’s breast so only really seeing a profile of its left side in these photos.  I tried to change my angle a bit in order to reconcile its head from her breast, but couldn’t without disturbing them.

Valerie Doane
Chuck-will’s-widow mother and her two chicks. Photo credit: Valerie Doane

Thanks again to Warren and Julie McCulloch for announcing the birth of the chicks, and for the wonderful description and photo taken by Valerie Doane!

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