Can You Find the Hidden Bird?

Most people who spend time on Seabrook Island between April and June have heard the Chuck-will’s-widow. However, not many have seen one! Seabrook Island resident Warren McCulloch not only saw the bird, but it was on a nest. And, he got photos!!!

After the storm two weeks ago, I was out walking in the yard and frightened away a bird sitting on its eggs. I watched her fly away and recognized your pictures about a Chuck-will’s-widow. I have some pictures below (taken from my house) to show you how well camouflaged she is and blends in nicely with the ground- while sitting on her nest. Good luck trying to find her. With camouflage like that I can understand why she doesn’t need to build a nest up high.

Warren McCulloch

See how well you can find the bird in the photos!

Story and photos submitted by Warren McCulloch

Two eggs of the Chuck-will’s-widow.
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