Join SIB for VIRTUAL Movie Matinee: Animal Homes: The Nest

Last week we had nine Seabrook Island Birder members sign up to attend our first virtual movie matinee.ย  We have another planned for this Tuesday afternoon on a topic we will be featuring over the next several weeks:ย  The Nest! Register to join us from any location with a computer, tablet or phone to join this hour long program.

We will send you a link to allow you secure access the morning of the event. We will open each event with introductions, watch the hour long show together, and finish with a short discussion to get your feedback and answer questions.

Sign up by clicking here and then plan to get comfy in your favorite chair with snacks and beverages of your choice to enjoy our gathering! And we hope you will also register to join SIB’s first Virtual Evening Program on June 3 at 6:30 pm, featuring Audubon South Carolina as they discuss the nesting habits of birds specific to Seabrook Island!

Tuesday May 19, 2:30 – 4:00 pm
Animal Homes: The Nest: Bird nests come in all shapes and sizes, crafted from a diversity of materials, including fur, grasses, leaves, mosses, sticks and twigs, bones, wool, mud and spider silk. Quite a few contain man-made materials — twine, bits of wire, even plastic bags. Each is a work of art, built with just a beak! All over the world, birds in the wild arrive at diverse nesting grounds to collect, compete for, reject, steal and begin to build with carefully selected materials, crafting homes for the task of protecting their eggs and raising their young.

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