“How Bird-Watching Prepared Me for Sheltering in Place”

A member of Seabrook Island Birders thought others might be interested in this great article on “How Bird-Watching Prepared Me for Sheltering in Place.”

Chimney Rock, on the eastern spur of the Point Reyes headlands in California, is well known for the elephant seals that congregate there. One afternoon, while walking down the path overlooking them, I saw a woman looking through a spotting scope on a tripod, directed out toward the water. It turned out she was watching seabirds. She told me she started bird-watching as she got older because she was analytically minded, loved numbers and words, but struggled with visual memory and acuity and wanted to strengthen those faculties. Having similar proclivities, I listened closely. Eventually, she asked me if I wanted to look.

By Nicholas Cannariato, New York Times Magazine, April 22, 2020

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