Birding with Lewis & Clark

In these stressful times when we’re staying close to home, how about a trip across the US? This week Ed posted our 2019 birding trips on his Flickr site. A memorable trip was our month-long driving tour in July 2019 from Atlanta to the Oregon coast, a combination of birding and following the Lewis and Clark trail!

After some birding in Michigan, we headed west and followed Meriweather Lewis and William Clark on their trek across North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon to the Pacific. Then back home through California, Nevada, Utah and the Midwest. Ed is an avid history buff, so this was definitely on his bucket list. I was a bit wary of a driving trip of that distance. But I have to say, it was a wonderful experience for 29 days!!! We visited many wonderful National Parks, including Theodore Roosevelt in North Dakota (what a fabulous sleeper), Yellowstone in Montana, Crater Lake in Oregon, and Redwood in California.

To follow our journey on Flickr, here’s the URL:

Alabama birding trip 2023 03 01

Some Flickr navigation tips:

The home page that comes up is the “Photostream” – a chronological view of all our birding trips with the Lewis and Clark trip first. When you get to the bottom of each Photostream page, click to the next page to keep the story going.

To see the name of the bird, or a caption, place the mouse pointer over the photo. And if you’d like to view the photos in a Slideshow instead, click the button above “Clark” on the Photostream.

On the Photostream home page you’ll see tabs under the banner. Click on “Albums” and you’ll see all our 2019 trips. Including an album of the many birds we’ve spotted and photographed throughout 2019 on Seabrook Island. There are also albums of my 2018 US Big Year, and our many other wonderful trips through the years.

So, if you need some diversion, or something to lull you to sleep at night, take a look at our birds. Enjoy!

Article by Aija Konrad, photos by Ed Konrad

2 thoughts on “Birding with Lewis & Clark”

  1. body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}Please forward this to the Konrads.I loved your photos.  Loved one in particular, the Beartooth Pass Summit!  I had to write to tell you of my experience there in the summer of 2000.  In the first week of July 2000, my dog and I got into my Roadtrek van camper on Sullivans Island and began a trip across the country and back.  We were gone two months.  Someone had told me to be sure to travel the Beartooth Pass into Yellowstone.  We were there on the perfect day, the sun was shining and there were patches of snow in various places along with many alpine plants in full bloom.  There was also a road crew patching various parts of the road.  A small line of vehicles formed as we were stopped by the first flag person in order for traffic going in the other direction to use our lane to go around the work. We were the first vehicle.  It was so beautiful.  I just could not sit in the camper.  I jumped out and started walking up and down the side of the road looking at all the amazing beauty.  Immediately everyone else started jumping out of their vehicles.  The flag person loved it.  He was smiling and laughing as he watched us in our elation.  When it was close to time for us to go, he called us back and we all jumped back in our vehicles.  We waved to him, and he waved to us. There were a number of stops, and we did the same thing at every stop.  Each flag person had the same response.  It was a magical experience – with the flag people, with the other travelers and with the incredible beauty on that road.  A once in a lifetime experience. Thank you so much for bringing that vivid memory back to me!  gail rahn


  2. Hi there! When can we expect hummingbirds? I’ve set out 2 feeders and haven’t seen one yet.

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