Join SIB for Birding on Crooked Oaks Golf Course

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Monday, December 2, 2019 9:00 am – 11:30 am
Location: Meet at Island House (Golf Course Parking Lot next to Spinnaker Beach Houses) for ride along the golf course in golf carts.
Max: 30
Cost: None for members; $5 donation for guests

Each Monday one of the Golf Courses is closed, so join us for a morning of birding by RIDING in golf carts on Crooked Oaks golf course. We expect to see a large variety of birds including Double-crested Cormorants, Egrets, Herons, Bald Eagles and other birds of prey. We should also see and hear some of the smaller birds like Tufted Titmice, Eastern Bluebirds, Northern Cardinals and some of the many warbler species. Even some fall migrants might be seen and possibly our wintering residents.

As Learning Together on the Golf Course always, be sure to bring your binoculars, hats and sunscreen. Water will be provided.

If you are not yet a 2019 SIB member, you must first become a member for only $10 by following the instructions on our website: Or you may pay the Guest Fee of $5.

Register no later than Friday, November 29, 2019. All registrants will receive a confirmation letter on Saturday, November 30.

SIB’s Bird Safari at Kiawah River

On Friday, November 22, 2019, 17 members (including three new members!) joined us for a morning of birding at Kiawah River development. It was a beautiful morning and the birds were plentiful in the various rivers, ponds, marshes and forests.

Kiawah River is truly a special place with 2,000 acres of land in the early stages of development.

We saw 36 species during our travels, including 120 Hood Mergansers! Thanks to our photographers of the day, Patti Romano & Mary Van Deusen.

120 Hooded Merganser — Saw in 3 locations on the property. 100 seen and counted in North Pond
3 Wild Turkey
4 Pied-billed Grebe
13 Common Gallinule
25 Dunlin
8 Willet
4 Laughing Gull
17 Wood Stork
9 Anhinga
82 Double-crested Cormorant
7 Brown Pelican
11 Great Blue Heron
25 Great Egret
4 Snowy Egret
4 Little Blue Heron
3 Tricolored Heron
5 White Ibis
8 Roseate Spoonbill
4 Black Vulture
6 Turkey Vulture
1 Osprey
1 Northern Harrier
1 Cooper’s Hawk
3 Bald Eagle
1 Red-shouldered Hawk
5 Belted Kingfisher
1 Red-bellied Woodpecker
2 American Kestrel
5 American Crow
11 Tree Swallow
1 Carolina Wren
1 Northern Mockingbird
5 Eastern Bluebird
1 Chipping Sparrow
1 Palm Warbler
2 Pine Warbler

Number of Taxa: 36

It’s Not Too Late – Join Project FeederWatch

Project FeederWatch

A new season of the Project FeederWatch citizen-science project has just launched and you can still get in on the counting action to help scientists understand trends at feeders across the continent. FeederWatch participants count their feeder birds on two days per week that they choose (or as often as they can) between November and early April. Thousands of participants in the U.S. and Canada have been doing the count for 33 years and have amassed a tremendous database of observations that scientists use to track changes in bird populations over time. It’s one of the simple things you can do to help birdscount them!

Learn how to join Project FeederWatch or contact us at

Join SIB for a Movie Matinee Double Feature: Birders

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SIB will continue its movie matinees this fall on Monday, November 25, with two shorter documentary style films highlighting birding in two very different parts of the United States.

The first, “Birders: The Central Park Effect”, is a hour-long 2012 HBO documentary follows the intense and unique world of birders in New York. You’d think the big city wouldn’t be a great place for birding, but there’s a whole subculture around birding in NYC. People even schedule their lives around bird migration—that time when a variety of species pass directly through Central Park. It’ll definitely draw you in.

To watch the trailer, hit the play button below:

The second, “Birders”, is a newly released 37 minute documentary on Netflix, where bird watchers on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border share their enthusiasm for protecting and preserving some of the world’s most beautiful species.

To watch the trailer, hit the play button below:

SIB will provide the popcorn and snacks! You can bring pillows to make the chairs more comfy and BYOB. Please sign up to join us for an afternoon at the movies!

Monday November 25, 2019 4:30 pm – 6:15 pm
Location: Oystercatcher Community Center
Max: 30
Cost: None for members; $5 donation for guests

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Join SIB for Learning Together at Kiawah River Development

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Another chance to meet with Jeff Snyder, biologist at the Kiawah River development property, and check out birds that can be found on this varied habitat property. We expect to see a large variety of birds including Double-crested Cormorants, Egrets, Herons, Osprey and other birds of prey. If we are lucky, we will see an eagle and osprey duel over a fish. We should also see and hear some of the smaller birds like Tufted Titmice, Eastern Bluebirds, Northern Cardinals. Hopefully, we will be have a few remaining Warblers in midst migration and some water fowl that have arrived for the winter. We will drive to various locations on the property and then walk for better birding observations. Of course ,this also gives us a chance to see this neighboring development.

As always, be sure to bring your binoculars, hats, water and sunscreen.

If you are not yet a 2019 SIB member, you must first become a member by following the instructions on our website: Alternatively, you could pay a $5 guest fee.

Please complete the information below to register no later than Wednesday November 20, 2019. All registrants will receive a confirmation letter on the day prior the event.

Bird Games to Share

During the recent Seabrook Island Birder’s Game Night, we shared three games that we thought all of you might enjoy to test your bird knowledge!

In the first game called “Bill Me,” you have to combine two words to make the name of a bird. Next, you have to match each of the birds with the appropriate bill shape.

The second handout has two games, the first is called “Fake Names,” and it lists fifteen bird names, of which eight are not real birds. The final game is a list of five statements, and you need to determine if they are True or False.

As the holiday season approaches, we hope you will print out these games and test your friends and family’s knowledge! To view the answers, visit SIB’s “Bird Games & Puzzles” page where you will find not only the two puzzles and answers discussed above, but an additional two puzzles. Don’t cheat and look at the answers before you try each of the puzzles!

Fun & Food at SIB’s Annual Bird BINGO & Game Night

All the attendees received this bird seed packet hand-made by Melanie Jerome

Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) celebrated our 4th anniversary with our annual Bird BINGO & Game Night on Friday, November 8, 2019. Thanks to the 54 members and 2 guests, we had plenty of appetizers and desserts to feed us all. In addition, SIB contributed the beef tenderloin, pulled pork and a variety of salads so both the vegetarians and the carnivores were satisfied!

The SIB Chair, Nancy Brown, presented “2019 Year in Review,” highlighting the programs and activities from the past year. New in 2019 is the addition of the SIB Movie Matinees along with birding activities ending with drinks.

In addition to playing BINGO, where players had to identify the photo of the bird on the screen (with help if needed), the attendees identified birds by sound and played several games and answered trivia questions placed on the tables. Watch for an upcoming blog so you can play those games with family and friends!

Thanks to everyone who made our evening of fun and food possible! And click below to view some of the great photos, compliments of Jackie Brooks.

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Join SIB for Beyond our Backyard – Biking & Birding the Greenway

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Grab your bike and join us as we bike the West Ashley Greenway! This trail stretches about 8 miles from Johns Island to the South Windermere Shopping Center on Folly Road (parking available at either end). The trail is open from dawn to dusk. It’s 100 feet wide and mostly hard-parked dirt and some asphalt. Plus, the trail is flat so it’s great for beginning bikers and kids. For the most part, the trail runs parallel to U.S. Highway 17 past neighborhoods, parks and marshes so there’s plenty to see.

On Johns Island, the dirt gives way to rough gravel and narrow bridge crossings (beach/mountain bikes are better than road bikes on this section). Here the broad wetlands flank the trail, presenting magnificent views and rewarding bird sightings. If your timing is right, you may catch sight of the tidal flow that carved these lacework channels. The agricultural heart of the region, Johns Island is the nation’s largest producer of tomatoes. In fact, much of the fresh produce served in local restaurants hails from this rural community.

The map of this Rails-to-Trails site can be found here:

Join some of the SIB Executive Committee Members for this biking & birding trip at the West Ashley Greenway. We plan to start at the Main Road end of the Greenway and bike (with many stops to bird) to Three Little Birds Cafe for where we will each treat ourselves to brunch. Our return trip will likely be quicker but birding will still occur. We hope to see shorebirds like egrets, herons and Roseate Spoonbills in the tidal marsh areas. We will listen for passerines hoping to catch a glimpse of those heading south for the winter. And birds of prey are common to see flying overhead. Be sure to bring binoculars, camera, hats, sunscreen, bug repellant, snacks and water.

SIB Birders biking Greenway – Melanie Jerome

Saturday, November 16, 2019 7:30 am – 2:00 pm
Beyond our Backyard – Biking & Birding the Greenway
Location: Meet at Parking area for West Ashley Greenway (McLeod Mill Rd. nr. Main Rd./SR S 10-20)
Max: 12
Cost None for members; $5 donation for guests

If you are not yet a 2019 SIB member, you must first become a member by following the instructions on our website or we request a $5 donation to SIB.

Once you are a member, please register no later than Thursday November 14 , 2019. All registrants will receive a confirmation letter the day prior the event.

If you have additional questions about the program, please contact us by sending an email to:

Birding on Ocean Winds Golf Course

Pied-billed Grebe swimming in the pond along the 6th hole – Dean Morr

Twenty-two SIB members joined us to bird Ocean Winds Golf Course while it was closed on Monday, November 4, 2019. What a beautiful day with temperatures in the 60’s and a brisk wind. We split the group with five golf carts working the course starting on the 18th hole and the second group of six golf carts starting from the 1st hole. Interestingly, we might have done slightly better had we started earlier since DST ended just the day prior, but we still saw or heard a total of 33 species! And of course we saw alligators, turtles and butterflies! A day full of the natural beauty that brought so many of us to Seabrook Island!

Birding on the golf course is a great way to bird, especially if you find it difficult to walk far, as we ride the course in golf carts. Be sure to sign up for our next birding on the golf course on Monday December 2 from 9:00 – 11:30 am when we bird on Crooked Oaks.

Sadly, one of the golf rangers stopped us to show a bird recently deceased. It had flown up just in front of his golf cart. Turns out it was an immature Pine Warbler. Just another example of how birds are threatened.

Be sure to see the full list of birds seen and photos taken by Dean Morr and Marie Wardell! (click below)

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SIB’s Photos from Bear Island & Donnelly WMA’s

Eastern Meadowlark – Bear Island – Charley Moore

On Saturday, October 26, eleven members of SIB traveled to Bear Island & Donnelly WMA’s for our annual fall trip. As you may know, Bear Island is closed from November 1 until the beginning of February to allow hunters access. We arrived in time for sunrise and spent seven hours birding! We even saw a couple mammals (white-tailed deer & nine-banded armadillo) and reptiles (alligators & eastern diamondback rattlesnake).

In total we saw 60 species of birds (including Rock Pigeons on the way home!) It may not have been our highest count of bird species, but it sure was a beautiful (but buggy!) fall day!

We hope you will enjoy the photos our members took during the trip and the complete list of birds by clicking on the “more” button.

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