Backyard Birding on Seabrook Island

Approximately 50 backyard bird enthusiasts gathered together for a fun and informative event on September 25th. The “Backyard Birding on Seabrook Island” program was crafted and presented by Judy Morr and Nancy Brown to encourage all Seabrookers to take advantage of the wonderful habitats that can be seen from our windows, porches, or decks.

The presentation began with information on how to make our backyards bird friendly using different feeders and the types of bird food that work best in our area. In addition, how to keep feeders clean, out of reach of other wildlife, and ideas for providing water for the birds were also discussed.

Following was a backyard bird slide show featuring photographs taken on Seabrook Island by SIB members. The group was asked to participate by identifying the birds in the photos after which Judy and Nancy described and added interesting facts about each species.

The program wrapped up with information on Project Feeder Watch, a citizen scientist program, and the seminar that is available on October 15th for anyone interested in participating. Information on this seminar and other Seabrook Island Birders’ events is available on SIB’s website at .

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