Songs of Spring … Who am I?

We published this blog in 2017, but felt it was worth repeating!  We hope you agree!

You have probably noticed it sounds like a symphony of birds every time you step outside! Some birds you can hear today are just arriving to breed and spend the summer, some will pass-through, a few will be departing and others live here year round.

This Sunday, our article will focus on why birds sing and provide tips on how to improve your ability to identify birds by listening to their calls and songs. Below are the songs of nine common birds you can hear on Seabrook Island today. Can you guess who they are?

Your choices are:

  • Bird A: Carolina Chickadee
  • Bird B: Carolina Wren
  • Bird C: Eastern Bluebird
  • Bird D: Northern Cardinal
  • Bird E: Northern Parula
  • Bird F: Painted Bunting
  • Bird G: Pine Warbler
  • Bird H: Tufted Titmouse
  • Bird I: Yellow-throated Warbler

Let us know your answers by leaving a comment!  The answers and more will be distributed on Sunday.

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