Join us for Backyard Birding this Saturday

Backyard Birding Photographers – Judy Morr

Saturday , March 23rd at 8:00-10:00am – Bridle Trail Drive
Location: 4044 Bridle Trail Drive
Max: 12
Cost: None for 2019 members; $5 donation for guests

Come join us in Chuck and Bonnie’s backyard to view their bird feeders. Common species seen are Northern Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Chickadee, Carolina Wren, Blue Jay, Red-winged Blackbird and Boat-tailed Grackles. Less common are House Finch, Painted Bunting, Wild Turkey, Vulture and various sparrows. They have occasionally seen Osprey and Pine Grosbeak.

As always, be sure to bring your water, binoculars, hats and sunscreen.

If you are not yet a 2019 SIB member, you must first become a member for only $10 by following the instructions on our website. If you were a 2018 member but have yet to renew for 2019, you may renew following the instructions above or renew the day of the walk. Otherwise you may pay the $5 Guest Fee.

Please complete the information below to register no later than Wednesday March 20 at 10am. All registrants will receive a confirmation letter on Friday , March 22 .

To register click here.

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