Part II: Birding & Nature at the South Georgia Islands

Many of us love to travel, and when we do, we often enjoy the birds and wildlife of far away places.  We hope you saw and enjoyed Part I of Valerie and Mark Doane’s recent trip to the Southern Hemisphere, where it is spring during our fall.  Along with her narrative, she has included a blog site of many beautiful photos where you will see more examples of birds in love as we celebrate Valentine’s Day!

And if you have taken a trip and enjoyed doing a bit of bird watching, please send us an email as we’d love to share your story and photos!  Thanks!

King Penguins at Right Whale Bay – Valerie Doane

This is the second installment of photos from our October/November Antarctica trip.  These were taken in the South Georgia Islands at various bays and harbors.  Featured are: King Penguins, The Oakum Boys, South-Georgia Shags, Giant Petrels, Grey-headed Albatross, Light-Mantled Albatross, Brown Skuas, Elephant Seals, Fur Seals and a small number of other birds. The entire 14-day expedition we sighted 77 different bird species and 18 different mammal species.

Click this link to view but first read a few factoids below about the Kings and Elephant Seals.

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