Part I: Birding the Falkland Islands

Many of us love to travel, and when we do, we often enjoy the birds and wildlife of far away places. As you will learn below, Valerie and Mark Doane recently took a trip to a place where it is spring during our fall. Along with her narrative, she has included a blog site of many beautiful photos! We hope our SIB members enjoy taking the first part of the trip with Valerie to see “love is in the air”! Keep watch for Part II which will be published soon!

And if you have taken a trip and enjoyed doing a bit of bird watching, please send us an email as we’d love to share your story and photos!  Thanks!

Rockhopper Penguins at Settlement Rookery-Devil’s Nose Colony Falkland Islands – Valerie Doane

In October/November of last year, Mark and I traveled with National Geographic/Lindblad on yet another expedition to the Antarctica region.  This time our expedition led us to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Islands both of which are in the Antarctic convergence but not quite 60 degrees south.

It was another trip of a lifetime with many discoveries and memories to savor. We’d like to share some of our memories with you in this first installment of my photos taken in the Falkland Islands.

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