Seabrook Island Birders – ABCs – Activities, Bingo and Calls

Friday’s evening “Bird Bingo and Games” was not quite in alphabetical order.  We started with “D” for Drinks and of course “S” for Socialization then jumped on to “Y” for Year in Review.  Then we returned to the front of the alphabet with enjoyment of the Food provided by contributions from SIB and the various members.  Next was “C” for Calls.  This first “game” was a group session of call identification.  20 common birds were presented with their most familiar calls.  Since it was a group activity, all participated in trying to identify the various birds.  Some members expressed they were surprised they recognized many of the calls. Others commented they learned a few new calls without being intimidated by their inexperience prior to the evening.  The fun and learning experience continued with “B” for Bingo.  Instead of hearing B10 or whatever for placement of the chits, bird pictures were presented on the screen.  Again, the group helped in identifying the bird then found them on their unique Bingo card.  20 lucky people won a prize for their efforts.  Great job by all in providing food, friendship and fun!

“A” is for Activities with a number remaining for the rest of the year.  Use the links provided to register for those that interest you.

Learning Together at the Crooked Oaks – Originally scheduled for Ocean Winds on November 19, this has been changed to Crooked Oaks on November 26.  These golf course “walks” are always enjoyable as we search for birds while riding in golf carts on a closed golf course.

Learning Together on Kiawah River Development – On November 29, we will meet at 9am to explore this new birding location with the biologist from this new neighboring development.  The activity will be walking areas of the property while driving between them.  .

Learning Together at the Maintenance Area – The ducks have returned to the water treatment pond.  A good variety of birds have often been seen as Seabrook Island Utilities allows us behind their gates to see what we can find.

Backyard Birding at the Boat Ramp – Melanie and Rob Jerome once again share their Creek Watch deck to observe birds in the marsh, looking towards North Beach and the trees and grounds near their home.  A walk to the Marsh Tower and possibly the Fire Station marshes are also likely.

Christmas Bird Count – Annually Seabrook Island Birders in cooperation participates in the Sea Island Christmas Bird Count.  This year, we’ll count on January 4 hopefully without the snow we experienced last year.  Once again, we are looking for members who can help us with counts from the comfort of their homes.  All “feeder counts” are welcome but a special request has been made for people who see hummingbirds, Baltimore Orioles or Painted Buntings during the winter.  If you participated last year or register on this form, we will be contacting you at year end with more information.

Submitted by: Judy Morr

Photos by: Jackie Brooks


Author: sibirders

SEABROOK ISLAND BIRDERS / “watching, learning, protecting” Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) are residents, renters and guests of Seabrook Island, SC who have an interest in learning, protecting and providing for the well-being of the incredible variety of birds that inhabit Seabrook Island throughout the year.

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