Birding in Rochester, NY

Believe it or not, Rochester, NY and Seabrook Island, SC are similarly located ……….. from a birder’s viewpoint.

The Genesee River flows North through the center of the City west of us and extensive creek system feeds Irondequcit Bay — seen from our porch — immediately to the east. Both of these water bodies feed into Lake Ontario — the most easterly of the Great Lakes — and all of that water eventually flows, via the St Lawrence River, into the Atlantic Ocean. The land areas, swamps, and numerous ponds south of the Lake Ontario shoreline are important landing, feeding, and nesting areas for a myriad of bird species. This includes residents, summer residents, and those who are, in Spring and early Summer, preparing to fly the 30 miles or so across the Lake to Canada and beyond — Hudson Bay and the Arctic.  This is roughly similar to what surrounds Seabrook Island. The difference is the 800 to 900 miles difference in latitude.

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