Have You Heard about BirdNote?

Carl Voelker, a SIB board member, took the photos above from his deck overlooking the marsh and wanted to know what bird these were.  The answer: they are Whimbrel.  A common shorebird found wintering in tidal flats and shorelines and occasionally visiting inland habitats. On Seabrook Island, they’ve been seen on North Beach, the mudflats on Jenkins Point Road, the mudflats across from Bohicket Marina, and like Carl, maybe even your backyard.

While we’re talking about Whimbrels, we wanted to share a great website called BirdNote.org.  BirdNote is a daily two-minute radio show that combines rich sounds with engaging stories, to illustrate the amazing lives of birds and give listeners a momentary respite from the news of the day. It even has the transcript available if you are hearing impaired or prefer to read text.  Here is an example of their show on Whimbrels.

You can access these podcasts through iTunes, a podcast feed or by downloading. If you need a reminder like me, you may want to sign up for the weekly BirdNote Newsletter which is a preview – including photos – of the following week’s shows. Or simply explore their website:  https://www.birdnote.org/

Article Submitted by:  Nancy Brown
Photo Credit:  Carl Voelker


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