Check Out These Live Bird Cams!

Spring has arrived across the U.S. and so have nesting birds!  With the technology available today, you don’t have to be able to climb a tree to watch the development and progress of birds and their young or to see birds eating from feeders.  Several of our SIB members have shared some of their favorite bird cams from their local home states. We’ve included a few additional you might enjoy as well. Take a view and let us know if you have a favorite to share with us.

George Haskings shared this web site with information on the history and present status of the Peregrine Falcons in Rochester, NY.   The original
nest site was in the Kodak headquarters tower.  When repairs to the tower were needed, the box and recording equipment were moved to a downtown office tower.  They have several cameras focused so you can see the nest from multiple angles.

Marie Wardell shared an Osprey Cam from the Audubon in Greenwich, CT. She said, “The camera is powered by solar energy. Expect streaming interruptions during low-light conditions, overcast, and unfavorable weather—when the camera has not received enough sunlight to power up.”

To show that nature is not always a success, take a quick look at the live cam of the Bald Eagle nest in Hanover, PA, shared by Bob Worst.  Hopefully the pair will have better luck next year.

One of our favorite birding websites, All About Birds by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, has a number of great live web cams including Barred Owls, Red-tailed Hawks, wooded ponds and feeders.

And the site below will link you to a number of live cams across the globe of not only birds, but animals as well.

So take a look at these cams when ever you feel the need to do some birding from the comfort of your home.

WARNING:  These live cams can be addictive! 

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