Birding in the rain at Seabrook Island Maintenance Area

Left to right: Melodie Murphy, Charles Moore, Judy Morr, David Gardner. Photo by: Nancy Brown

It was a rainy and cold 45 degrees this past Thursday December 7th, but five SIB members trooped around the Seabrook Island Maintenance area in search of wintering ducks, shorebirds and passerines!  We were thrilled to see a female Common Goldeneye in the pond along with 14 Bufflehead.  In addition, we saw both the Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs, Least Sandpipers, a group of six Killdeer and a single Spotted Sandpiper with its distinctive teeter, bobbing its tail up and down constantly as it walked along the shore.

In total we saw 36 species in just one-hour, including some new species for the year for some members!  Check out the list of birds and selection of photos below!

Please remember to check our website and sign-up for upcoming events, including any part of our Seabrook Island Big Day on Saturday December 16, 2017.

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  • 14 Bufflehead
  • 1 Common Goldeneye
  • 3 Hooded Merganser
  • 3 Wood Stork
  • 4 Double-crested Cormorant
  • 1 Great Egret
  • 1 Snowy Egret
  • 6 Killdeer
  • 18 Least Sandpiper
  • 1 Spotted Sandpiper
  • 4 Greater Yellowlegs
  • 2 Lesser Yellowlegs
  • 1 Bonaparte’s Gull
  • 2 Ring-billed Gull
  • 2 Red-bellied Woodpecker
  • 1 Northern Flicker
  • 2 Eastern Phoebe
  • 3 Blue Jay
  • 3 American Crow
  • 2 Carolina Chickadee
  • 1 Tufted Titmouse
  • 1 House Wren
  • 2 Carolina Wren
  • 4 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  • 1 Eastern Bluebird
  • 1 Gray Catbird
  • 2 Northern Mockingbird
  • 30 Cedar Waxwing
  • 1 Common Yellowthroat
  • 1 Palm Warbler
  • 1 Pine Warbler
  • 35 Yellow-rumped Warbler
  • 1 White-throated Sparrow
  • 1 Song Sparrow
  • 2 Eastern Towhee
  • 3 Northern Cardinal

Article submitted by Nancy Brown and photographs by Charles Moore

Author: sibirders

SEABROOK ISLAND BIRDERS / “watching, learning, protecting” Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) are residents, renters and guests of Seabrook Island, SC who have an interest in learning, protecting and providing for the well-being of the incredible variety of birds that inhabit Seabrook Island throughout the year.

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