Bird Sighting: Yellow-breasted Chat

Name of Bird Species: Yellow-breasted Chat
Number of Birds Sighted: 2
Date & Time of Sighting: June 9, 2017, 8:17am and 10:10am
Location of Sighting: North Beach Property Owners’ Boardwalk #1

As we were walking out to North Beach on Boardwalk #1 at 8:17am, the Yellow-breasted Chat was very vocal on the right side of the boardwalk, often in the tallest tree on the right, just before the bend to the porta-potty. Several times if flew over the boardwalk, with clumsy flight and then back. It made it’s silly calls the entire time. When we came off the beach about 10:10am, we heard and saw it in the same area, same tree. I believe there were 2 birds, because I thought I heard another one in the wax myrtle area on Bobcat Dune boardwalk.Β 

Article Submitted by Aija Konrad, Photos by Ed Konrad

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