Bird of the Week … Who am I?

Nesting birds on Seabrook Island vary in where they raise their young. Some roost in rookeries, some build nests on branches, others have rookeries where friends build nests together and some lay their eggs in cavities. Which of the five following birds is NOT a Cavity-Nester? ¬†Leave your answer in the comments and watch for Sunday’s Blog to see if you are correct!

Red-headed Woodpecker – Patricia Schaefer

Red-headed Woodpeckers





Great-crested Flycatcher – Ed Konrad

Great Crested Flycatcher






Northern Cardinal – Charles Moore

Northern Cardinal







Eastern Bluebird – Ed Konrad

Eastern Bluebird







Eastern Screech Owl – Bear Island WMA SC – Ed Konrad

Eastern Screech-Owl


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