We’ve Moved!


We know many of our friends on Seabrook Island have been concerned about the loss of our home last summer that was in the dead tree between Ocean Winds Green #3 and Crooked Oaks Tee Box #4.  We’d like to inform you all that we have found a “fixer-upper” and moved in a few weeks ago.  It was a home previously occupied by an Osprey family located on Crooked Oaks on Hole #3 near the Yellow Tee Box on the left side in a very large pine tree.  We have been busy renovating by adding additional hard and soft wood to the existing structure and considering other cosmetic changes to make it more comfortable for our soon-to-be growing family.  You may see us at our new home or flying overhead over the marshes, golf courses and beaches of our beautiful Seabrook Island.

We hope in another month we’ll be able to make more announcements about our family.  Please stay tuned!  And if you have any information about us you want to share, please be sure to send it to our friends the Seabrook Island Birders (SIB).

Article submitted by:  Nancy Brown
Photos taken by:  Charles Moore
Graphics submitted by Marcia Hider

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