Bird of the Week … Who are we???

As you may know, every Sunday we publish a weekly “Bird of the Week” blog.  Today we’d like to test your knowledge by asking if you can guess who are these two birds? 

Who are these two birds?
Who are these two birds?

Leave us a comment if you want to make a guess – and watch for the full article on Sunday morning!

Author: sibirders

SEABROOK ISLAND BIRDERS / “watching, learning, protecting” Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) are residents, renters and guests of Seabrook Island, SC who have an interest in learning, protecting and providing for the well-being of the incredible variety of birds that inhabit Seabrook Island throughout the year.

6 thoughts on “Bird of the Week … Who are we???”

  1. Fish crow and common or American crow-but I don’t know which is which. Didn’t some folks see both of these on a recent outing?
    Years ago an article in Smithsonian speculated that when the world comes to an end the last three animals to disappear will be the cockroach, the coyote and the crow-the last two because of their cleverness and ability to survive in virtually any conditions.

    We regularly see crows mob and even physically attack hawks and owls. The hawk migration that is just starting should be a good time to see this, particularly along the sides of the golf courses where hawks hunt.


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